Wall of Honor

Antonina “Ann” Uccello

31 Neptune Court

  • 1963 – 1967 – Hartford City Council
  • 1967 – 1969 – Mayor of Hartford
  • 1969 – U.S. Department of Transportation

First woman to be elected mayor of Hartford, and the state, and the first female mayor of a capital city anywhere in the country. She later ran for Congress and became a member of the Nixon administration.

Abraham Alexander Ribicoff

Mott Avenue

  • 1938 – 1942 – Connecticut House of Representatives
  • 1949 – 1953 – U.S. Representative
  • 1954 – -1961 – Governor of Connecticut
  • 1961 – Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare
  • 1962 – -1981 – U.S. Senator

Edwin Herbert Land

44 Mott Avenue

  • 1932 – Established the Land-Wheelwright Laboratories which in 1937 was renamed Polaroid Corporation
  • 1947 – Invented the Land Camera
  • 1963 – Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award given to a U.S. citizen, for his work in optics.

Edwin Land invented the Polaroid Land camera. He bought the house at 44 Mott Avenue for his father, a scrap metal worker, and his mother. At the time of their ownership, many were fascinated by his house as it had an elevator in it, and would hang out in the kitchen of “Old Man Land” with his housekeeper, a Haitian named Hertie. Present member Dick Sigal is a relative.

Russell Randolph Waesche Sr.

46 Mott Avenue

  • 1915 – Participated in the creation of the Coast Guard with the merger of the Revenue Cutter Service and the U.S. Life-Saving Service.
  • 1932 – Started the Coast Guard Institute and Correspondence School for warrant officers and enlisted personnel as well as the reorganization of Coast Guard field forces.
  • 1939 – Was appointed Commandant as a rear admiral and was largely responsible for the merger of the U.S. Lighthouse Service with the Coast Guard.
  • 1942 – Was promoted to Vice Admiral of the Coast Guard.
  • 1945 – Was promoted to Admiral and was the first Coast Guard officer to achieve the ranks of Vice Admiral and Admiral.
  • 1945 – Retired from the Coast Guard as the longest-serving commandant in Coast Guard history.

The current library at the Coast Guard Academy is named Waesche Hall.

Thomas “Red” Foran

52 Mott Avenue

  • 1943 – Volunteered as a paratrooper and was assigned to the 551st Airborne Battalion which was absorbed into the 82nd Airborne division, serving in the campaigns of Italy, and France, he parachuted behind German lines near Draguignan.
  • 1944  – He was wounded in France during the liberation of Nice and in Belgium during the Battle of the Ardennes, while his battalion commander Colonel Wood JOERG was killed instantly.

A presumed ancestor was Job Foran, an admiral in the French fleet who was made a baron by King Louis XIV in 1688. The ducal title of Saint Bar is said to have been conferred on another ancestor in 1799 by the King of Naples and the Two Sicilies.

He will be decorated with the Bronze Star, the purple heart with two palms, and the Yugoslav war cross. He served as aide-de-camp to King Peter II of Yugoslavia and later defended and published.

Subsequently, he defended and published several books on the Yugoslav royal family Karageorges. After the war, he lived in Paris, where he represented European wines and spirits in the United States. He was a Knight Grand Cross with Sash of the Sovereign Order of Malta, an order he served in many capacities for 45 years.